Sliding Glass Door Repair Services

We specialize in Sliding Glass Door Repair. Often, Sliding Glass Doors that seem to be on their last legs can be repaired to like-new condition.  We will never sell you and expensive replacement when a cost-effective repair will do the job.  We believe in providing the best solution that meets our client’s needs and budget.

Lizette’s husband of 30 years, Steve, our master installer, is well known for his meticulous attention to detail, easy going nature, and work ethic.  When faced with a challenge, Steve methodically puts a plan into action and simply plows through the difficulties without complaint. 

Following in this same family tradition, and known for his charm, hard work ethic, and willingness to go the extra mile for the client, Jonathan LaForge mans a second crew, focusing on difficult to solve sliding glass door repairs and works mainly along the beach communities. 

We regularly receive high compliments from our clients for our cleanliness, timeliness, and willingness to go above and beyond in our work.

A Sliding Glass Door that doesn’t open or lock properly can create concerns for you and your family.  In case of emergency, can you exit the home quickly?  Is your home safe when you leave the house?  Let the Sliding Glass Door Repair team assist you with these difficulties so you can have complete peace of mind.

Variety of Products and Solutions – Sometimes door issues that have plagued you for years can be easily remedied with the proper equipment.  Our mother company, Beacon Windows, technicians carry a wide array of supplies and can usually completely fix your door in one visit. From hurricane protection needs such as aluminum panels, accordion shutters or roll downs, all the way to complicated window and door installations involving termite damage, Beacon Windows has the expertise and products available at their fingertips to complete the job.

Tired of your door getting STUCK???

Hard to move... feels like it weighs a ton?

Don't replace the door...


We offer "The Pinkie Guarantee"

Let us come and clean out your tracks and replace your rollers

and we'll guarantee you'll be able to close your door with your pinkie!